As You Know, We’ve Had Some Problems

July 23, 2009

About Website Hosting

When we first decided to go away from free, I had no idea just how crazy hosting your own site would be. We went with a very popular shared host, installed WordPress, and off we went.

Over time, though, that site began to bog down. We were getting lots of good traffic, but no matter what I tried (and my knowledge at the time was very low), I couldn’t get the site to move faster.

Then problems really started when our traffic started getting into the thousands of unique hits every day, topping out at about 10,000 on election day.

Then something astonishing happened. Well, it was astonishing to me, but not to anyone with any sense. Our shared hosting company ditched us, and we had to move the site yet again. Would I be admitting to too much stupidity if I told you that happened twice?

Well, that was a long time ago, and I’ve finally learned all the lessons I should have learned before I started hosting my own website. And better yet, I’ve decided to share.

So if you have a site on a shared host, or really any type of host, there are some major things that no one will tell you that you really need to know. For instance, you could be having crazy amounts of spam bots accessing your site thousands of times a day and you won’t even know it unless you know where to look because most stat programs ignore bots.

Anyway, to read all that I’ve learned, click on the link below:

Shared Hosting Servers


And yet another McCain economy Ad: Enough is Enough

September 17, 2008

New John McCain Ad on the Economy: Foundation

September 17, 2008

New Pro-Life Ad Attacks Obama’s Stance on ‘Born Alive’

September 16, 2008

pro-life political group has produced the following commercial to use against Obama, who has voted against a measure that would prevent babies who were born alive after an abortion attempt from being ‘exposed’ until death.

The Voter Registration Fraud Begins

September 15, 2008

Watch the video to get the story. And take particular note of the man who claims that he didn’t know what he was doing was illegal. And then claims he plans on joining the military.
My friend, if you are that dim witted, I don’t want you registering people to vote, I don’t want you voting, and I sure as heck don’t want you in the military carrying a weapon!

Just How Many Reasons Are There To Despise “The View”?

September 15, 2008

More than I can possibly count. And over at The Daily Soap Box you will find that the latest reason by itself should be enougn for anyone.

Read: Why I Hate The View: Reason Nine

Barack Obama’s Economics Plan Explained

September 14, 2008

Seems simple enough to me.