As You Know, We’ve Had Some Problems

July 23, 2009

About Website Hosting

When we first decided to go away from free, I had no idea just how crazy hosting your own site would be. We went with a very popular shared host, installed WordPress, and off we went.

Over time, though, that site began to bog down. We were getting lots of good traffic, but no matter what I tried (and my knowledge at the time was very low), I couldn’t get the site to move faster.

Then problems really started when our traffic started getting into the thousands of unique hits every day, topping out at about 10,000 on election day.

Then something astonishing happened. Well, it was astonishing to me, but not to anyone with any sense. Our shared hosting company ditched us, and we had to move the site yet again. Would I be admitting to too much stupidity if I told you that happened twice?

Well, that was a long time ago, and I’ve finally learned all the lessons I should have learned before I started hosting my own website. And better yet, I’ve decided to share.

So if you have a site on a shared host, or really any type of host, there are some major things that no one will tell you that you really need to know. For instance, you could be having crazy amounts of spam bots accessing your site thousands of times a day and you won’t even know it unless you know where to look because most stat programs ignore bots.

Anyway, to read all that I’ve learned, click on the link below:

Shared Hosting Servers


We have a new site…

May 8, 2009

We’ve been wandering in the desert for about a year, but I think we finally have a site that we’re going to stick with for awhile. Political News

Bloomberg author receiving death threats

September 23, 2008

How the Democrats Created the Financial Crisis: Kevin Hassett

H/T Steve Hayward at The Corner

Beretta Biden’s Dukakis Moment

September 22, 2008

Beretta Biden’s Dukakis moment – wherein he appears as ridiculous as he would were he driving a tank wearing a little tin hat.

This Passes For Humor?

September 20, 2008

In one of the most contemptuous and boorishly vulgar personal attacks on Governor Sarah Palin yet, comedienne (I use this term loosely) Sandra Bernhard lashed out during the opening night of her one woman show in Washington, D.C.

Bernhard’s defenders insist she was being provocative, combative, humorous and disgusting. I tend to be more honest in my assessment.  She is a bitter, odious, abhorrent, repulsive, hideously unattractive X chromosome.

She warned Sarah Palin not to come into Manhattan lest she get gang-raped by some of Sandra’s big black brothers.  Her seething tirade continued, “Now you got Uncle Women, like Sarah Palin, who jumps on the s–t and points her fingers at other women. Turncoat b—h! Don’t you f–kin’ reference Old Testament, bitch! You stay with your new Goyish crappy shiksa funky bulls–t! Don’t you touch my Old Testament, you b—h! Because we have left it open for interpre-ta-tion! It is no longer taken literally! You whore in your f–kin’ cheap New Vision cheap-ass plastic glasses and your [sneering voice] hair up. A Tina Fey-Megan Mullally-broke-down-bulls–t moment.”

Keep it classy, Sandra, you embarrassing gutter snipe of a hag.

The Palin Effect

September 20, 2008

Excellent analysis by Noemie Emery in The Weekly Standard: The Palin Effect

SHOCK: New York suddenly in play for McCain

September 15, 2008

I’m getting tingly all morning, and that’s not just because I’m trapped under falling banks that have my circulation cut off.

The latest news about the impact Palin has on the McCain campaign come from Darke Blog via the New York Post.  Internal polling numbers from both parties now show the traditional liberal stronghold is in play.  If that’s true, then there are about 12 million fat ladies singing.

Read about it.